Carrot, mango and raspberry Popsicles

Adapted just slightly from Girli Chef

Around here, we devour Popsicles, and these are no exception. This is a fantastic combination that is sure to please. The mangos add a tropical flair while the raspberries create a deep and rich pink hue. Carrots add a bit of delightful sweetness, and hey, I threw some spinach in there because, why not? I reused the water the carrots (which is why I used organic) steamed in, as why waste all those great nutrients! These are definitely going on the repeat list. Give these a try, I guarantee they will delight both toddlers and adults alike.

Yield: 10 (three ounce) popsicles


3 medium carrots, washed and scrubbed (I used organic)

1 fresh mango, or 1 cup frozen and thawed mango

1 cup fresh or frozen raspberries

3/4 cup sugar

1 cup water (I reused the water the carrots steamed in)

Small handful fresh spinach


Cut carrots into large chunks. Place in a microwave-safe bowl and add about a cup of water. Cover and microwave until tender (3-6 minutes). Drain and save the water the carrots cooked in. Let carrots and the water cool for 5-10 minutes.

If using fresh mango, peel and cut it into large chunks. Place the mango chunks (about 1 cup worth) into a blender, and add the cooked carrots, raspberries, sugar and spinach. Take 1 cup of the water the carrots cooked in (all those nutrients!) and add that to the blender as well – if you don’t have one cup of carrot water, just add enough fresh water to equal one cup. Blend until you have a smooth purée.

Pour into Popsicle molds (check here for the ones I use), add sticks when needed (I add mine right away) and freeze. Freeze until solid.


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