About Me

I’m going to share with you my fearless adventures in all things food.  You will find the recipes I try, mouth-watering photos, and my thoughts behind each recipe. What you need to know most about me is I love-to-EAT.  I have always loved eating out, but my budget does not!  So, I started cooking. I began by making more adventurous foods and my passion for food and cooking continued to grow.

Then I became pregnant. As many new parents probably understand, I had neither the time nor the desire to cook much during our daughter’s first year. My husband was finishing up graduate school, I was finishing up my full-time job, we were selling/buying a house, and moving to another state. Who had time to cook?! We barely had time to eat.

Now, I find myself at our new home spending relaxing (?!) days with our toddler, while my husband enjoys his days at his new career. I occupy many a toddler nap time scouring the internet looking for recipes that appear to have a winning combination. I have time. I have an appetite. I have two other people to feed.  I have to get cooking. I knead some bread.



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