Blueberry basil lemonade popsicles

From The Pioneer Woman


When I saw the post for this recipe pop up in my Facebook news feed, I knew it was meant to be. First of all, this week is H.O.T. (I’m not complaining, I love tank top and shorts weather). Second, my toddler loves all things blueberry, basil, or lemonade. And last, I was looking for a new popsicle recipe to try out – creating your own is more difficult than you may think, and we’ve had a streak of edible but not amazing popsicles. I omitted the whole blueberries from these frozen beauties, as my daughter does not enjoy fruit chunks in her food (that’s right…no chunks in muffins, bread, popsicles, etc). They turned out absolutely perfect and using the popsicle mold that I have, made a little extra. No worries, just add a little sparkling water and it will make a lovely lunchtime (or anytime) beverage. These popsicles are a luscious pink color, tart and sweet, drippy, have that popsicle “texture” that store bought do (but lack any unnecessary ingredients), and provide a surprising tastebud twist with a touch of dreamy basil flavor. Basil and lemonade happen to be one of my all time favorite summertime combinations, and this popsicle is all that in a frozen, summery treat-on-a-stick.

Yield: 10 3 oz pops, plus enough extra for two glasses of delicious lemonade


1 cup Fresh Lemon Juice

3/4 cups White Sugar

4 cups Water

1 cup Blueberries, Plus More To Add To Popsicles

1/3 cup Fresh Basil (I used a combination of purple and green basil)


Juice lemons and transfer the juice into a large pitcher. Add sugar and water and stir to combine and dissolve the sugar.

Add blueberries and basil. Using an immersion blender (I suspect a blender would work well, too, just be sure not to chop up the basil and blueberries too fine), blend the mixture for about 20 seconds just until the mixture turns pink and basil is finely chopped. Strain the mixture and discard any chunks of blueberry or basil.

Divide mixture between popsicle molds (or small Dixie cups) and add a few fresh blueberries and freeze. 30 minutes into freezing, add a popsicle stick and continue to freeze until solid. If you have extra liquid, feel free to add a splash of sparkling water (and maybe vokda?) for a refreshing drink.


Carrot, mango and raspberry Popsicles

Adapted just slightly from Girli Chef

Around here, we devour Popsicles, and these are no exception. This is a fantastic combination that is sure to please. The mangos add a tropical flair while the raspberries create a deep and rich pink hue. Carrots add a bit of delightful sweetness, and hey, I threw some spinach in there because, why not? I reused the water the carrots (which is why I used organic) steamed in, as why waste all those great nutrients! These are definitely going on the repeat list. Give these a try, I guarantee they will delight both toddlers and adults alike.

Yield: 10 (three ounce) popsicles


3 medium carrots, washed and scrubbed (I used organic)

1 fresh mango, or 1 cup frozen and thawed mango

1 cup fresh or frozen raspberries

3/4 cup sugar

1 cup water (I reused the water the carrots steamed in)

Small handful fresh spinach


Cut carrots into large chunks. Place in a microwave-safe bowl and add about a cup of water. Cover and microwave until tender (3-6 minutes). Drain and save the water the carrots cooked in. Let carrots and the water cool for 5-10 minutes.

If using fresh mango, peel and cut it into large chunks. Place the mango chunks (about 1 cup worth) into a blender, and add the cooked carrots, raspberries, sugar and spinach. Take 1 cup of the water the carrots cooked in (all those nutrients!) and add that to the blender as well – if you don’t have one cup of carrot water, just add enough fresh water to equal one cup. Blend until you have a smooth purée.

Pour into Popsicle molds (check here for the ones I use), add sticks when needed (I add mine right away) and freeze. Freeze until solid.

Fudge Popsicles

From the Smitten Kitchen


Fudgy. Chewy. Chocolatey. Heavenly. I think that about sums it up. These are a perfect homemade rendition of the classic summertime chocolatey treat. My toddler devours them, finishing with sticky fingers and a happy smile that only comes from chocolate. These are a wonderful treat for any day and are especially delicious when dreaming of the warmth and light that summer brings. Bring on summer, as you will be well prepared.

Yield: 10 popsicles, 3 oz each


4 T semisweet chocolate chips or chopped semisweet chocolate

2/3 c sugar

2 T cornstarch

3 T unsweetened cocoa powder

2 1/2 c whole milk

Pinch of salt

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 T unsalted butter


In the bottom of a medium saucepan over very low heat, gently melt the chocolate chips, stirring constantly until smooth. In a small bowl, whisk the cornstarch with a little bit of the milk, about a half cup.  To the melted chocolate, add in sugar, cocoa powder, remaining 2 cups of milk, and salt and whisk to combine. Slowly whisk in the cornstarch mixture and raise heat to medium. Cook mixture, stirring frequently until it thickens, anywhere between 5 -10 minutes. Remove from heat, add vanilla and butter and stir until combined.

Set aside to cool slightly then pour into popsicle molds. Freeze 30 minutes, then insert popsicle sticks. Freeze the rest of the way before serving. 

*For storing, I like to unmold all the popsicles at once by dipping the bottom of the mold in warm water. Then I wrap each popsicle in wax paper and store in a plastic bag in the freezer. 

*This is the mold I use. 

Cinco de Mayo popsicles

From The View from Great Island


It’s a bit of a rainy day here, but we are having popsicles anyway – and they were devoured. Three layers make up these colorful treats – strawberry, coconut, and lime. Popsicles are so easy to make, and these are no different. I put these together throughout the day yesterday, and today we are ready to enjoy it. Happy Cinco de Mayo or El Día de la Batalla de Puebla!

Yield: 10 popsicles


Lime stripe (bottom/last layer)

Juice of 4 limes

2-3 tsp sugar, to taste

A drop of green food coloring (optional)

Coconut stripe (middle/second layer)

1 c coconut milk

1-2 tsp sugar to taste

Strawberry stripe (top/first layer)

About 10 large strawberries


For the first layer, whiz the strawberries in a small food processor. Add a little bit of water to make about 1 1/3 cups. Pour the mixture about 1/3 of the way up into each of the 10 popsicle molds. Freeze until almost solid, then remove and place a stick into each mold, anchoring it into the lime layer. Return the mold to the freezer and freeze until completely solid.

To make the white layer, whisk together the coconut milk and the sugar until smooth. Pour the coconut milk into each popsicle mold, filling it another 1/3 of the way. Return the mold to the freezer and freeze until completely solid, about 2 hours.

To make the green layer, place the lime juice in a glass measuring cup. Stir in the sugar to dissolve, and then add enough water to make 1 cup. Taste it to make sure you have got a good balance of sweet and sour, and adjust if necessary. Add your food coloring and stir. Top of the popsicles with the lime juice mixture. Freeze until solid.

When ready to eat, unmold the pops by filling your sink with hot tap water and immersing the mold up to, but not over, the top lip for about 15 seconds. Remove the popsicles and eat immediately, or wrap in waxed paper and place in freezer baggies to store for later.