Why “Best of”?

I love love love baking bread and it has become a normal part of my kitchen adventures. But I also adore cooking in general. Well, mostly I love the eating part, but the cooking comes first. Being a stay at home mom on a budget, cooking – an essential part of daily life – allows me to continue to exercise my creative spirit. I make many things from scratch, can and freeze as much fresh food as possible, and constantly try new recipes, only repeating the ones truly worth it. And what is worth it? For me it is food that is often relatively quick to prepare, uses easy to find ingredients (we are in rural Wisconsin after all), satisfies the entire family (all three of us), and above all else, tastes absolutely delicious. I realized that I wanted to share not only my journey into bread baking, which will begin to include more of my thoughts and take home messages on each baking venture, but also my general love of all things delicious. With that in mind, I have created a “best of GKB” category, which will include a wide variety of foods, but they all have in common the fact that they are stand out recipes on repeat in my kitchen. When hosting a meal, I often include a standby favorite along with new, never tried before recipes. I hope you enjoy these favorites as much as I do, as we all knead good food in our lives.