Why frozen treats?

Summer is coming. Bread baking is hot work. Popsicles and ice cream are cold.

Do I need a more thorough explanation?

While I will still be making and posting some bread recipes (bread for BLT’s! Muffins! Easy Cuban sandwiches! Chili dogs!) this summer, I decided that I want to start something new to embrace the changing season. And I love ice cream. And sorbet. And popsicles. And freeze pops. So…that was a pretty easy decision. Also, since I am in charge of feeding a toddler this summer, I decided to forego buying most of these treats and to instead make them myself. I love giving my daughter a delicious snack/dessert/treat that is homemade, good for her, and that tastes incredible. I love that these frozen treats can be so incredibly healthy and packed with good for you things while exploding with flavor and that I can also switch gears and (hopefully) make a completely decadent, indulgent, and sinfully good ice cream. Because I knead both in my life.

Here are the links to the tools I will be using.

Popsicle molds and wooden sticks

**hint: keep in mind that many Popsicle recipes use sugar, as that keeps them soft and delicious rather than hard and icy**

Silicone ice pop mold

Ice cream maker


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